A statistic to consider: in spite of, er, 'less than positive' reviews, the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides, is currently the ninth biggest film of all time (it might be down to tenth by the weekend, overtaken by The Dark Knight Rises). It took over $1bn at the worldwide box office, and made Pirates 5 inevitable.

Still, Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have at least taken a bit of extra time with Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, a project that's been sent back for script reworking. Since then, little has been heard, although a new hint has popped up today.

Terry Russio, who has worked on the script of all four films to date, is the man credited with writing the screenplay for Pirates Of The Caribbean 5. But, according to an interview with Geoffrey Rush with Collider earlier in the week, the actor is still in the dark as to the next film. Saying that "the script that's being developed for the fifth film, they do it with great care and consideration", he added that "you can't start shooting this sort of stuff if there's holes in it". We love Geoffrey Rush, but that's exactly what they've got away with that three times now, haven't they? Anyway, he says "as to when it will go, I know nothing".
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