Doors busted open right at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving for the beginning of Black Friday shopping at the Fashion Outlets of Niagara. Lines started to form around 5 p.m.

Once the doors opened, some shoppers galloped to their favorite store, while others walked briskly. Store security says that they've received no incident reports.

Most shoppers told us they are looking for clothes and accessories.

"I thought it would be a lot more frantic, it was a little bit of a slow start, you have some guys charging in to move their way through there," said one shopper.

At many stores, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and some are calling it "Black Thursday." Hundreds of deals were available, some of them from 30 to 70 percent off in stores.

At the outlets, about 150 stores were open, except for two, which included Burberry and Marshall's.
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